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Customized Anti-Aging Skincare
OMG!!! OFAB has their OWN new facial wash!!!
Introducing our
Pineapple Foaming Milk Cleanser

I've been using a cleanser for years that I truly LOVED, but unfortunately, the company changed their product.  I've gone thru the past month trying all different kinds of cleansers that had the ingredients I knew would be good for aging skin.  Then it entered my mind that I would be at their mercy once again if they also decided to change or discontinue the product.  Then I realized that I could make our OWN cleanser still using botanicals but making sure the extracts and serums were ones that would be safe and effective for our skin.  And THIS cleanser is good for ALL types of skin!  Lactic acid is a winner all the way around which also includes vitamins A and D!  And talk about cost savings...$$$, just a tiny drop goes SO far, it will last a very long time.  What a deal! We'd be happy to share more about our new cleanser, so just email for more details

Try our new cleanser offered at an introductory low price of $15,
 or receive a free sample of it with any other purchase.
  OFAB (Over 40 & Beautiful)
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How many times have you wished you could combine a creme to only include the serums YOU want to deal with?   Now you can.....

Now it's possible by customizing your creme's with serums and extracts that target YOUR skin!  We highly recommend that you have both an AM Creme and a PM Creme since the serums and extracts perform different tasks. 

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When customizing, you can even choose your own scent from our list of oils!

 Choice of Scents

Almond Biscotti
Apple Orchard
Butter Cream
Coconut Flakes
Lime Kiwi
Orange Dreamsicle
Pear or Bergamon Pear
NEW - Pumpkin Buttercream Dream

2 NEW "Manly" Scents:
(Yes, men customize too!)

Ambercrombie & Fitch - "Fierce"
Giorgio Armani - "Black Code"
Try our Men's Line!  
Custom Creme/SPF

2 NEW "Manly" Scents:
(Yes, men customize too!)

Ambercrombie & Fitch - "Fierce"
Giorgio Armani - "Black Code"
Milk = Lactic Acid
Beta Hydroxy,
Vitamins A & D

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Also NEW!
Orange AHA
Exfoliating Cleanser

Cleanse & Exfoliate at
the same time!
AM Creme'   
Our Custom Creme that includes SPF30.
2 steps in 1!
Moisturize & Hydrate, then protect!

PM Creme'   
Now comes the intense repair & replenish while you sleep!
We'll use the serums that
target YOUR skin!