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Anti-Aging Skincare
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At OFAB (Over 40 & Beautiful) we are available 24-7, 24 Hrs per day by email.  You will get a response within 24 hrs.  Thanks for visiting!    ALSO....join our mailing list for FREE products and discounts.  Don't worry, we ONLY send a monthly newsletter and/or offer.  EMAIL: info@ofab40.com
OFAB (Over 40 & Beautiful)
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Naperville, IL
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TIPS for Daily Skin Care

Take a "warm" shower to open pores, while hot showers strip away skin's natural oils.  With your pores open it's a good time to cleanse then exfoliate!

Gently pat dry your skin.  Leave some moisture on your face while applying your moisturizer.  This allows faster, deeper penetration and keeps your skin hydrated longer.  Be sure to "massage" in your creme....don't rub.  The massage relaxes your facial muscles and will kick start blood circulation.

This is where a customized moisturizer really comes into play at giving your skin the maximum benefit.  You need one that will hydrate, replenish nutrients and protect skin.  The old-fashion ideas of petroleum jelly or olive oil simply do not have enough in them to multi-task like it needs to.  Always be aware of alcohol in products too.....that's a no-no.  With customizing you will get to pick serums that will work on your specific conditions and concerns, so it's really the best way to go.  And ALWAYS wear an SPF during the day, rain or shine!

Any other questions?  Email  info@ofab40.com
Testimonials / Clients

This is Dawn from IL. Yes, IL where we get all 4 seasons making customizing skincare the way to go!  Dawn has been using our Daily Skincare regime for 2 yrs now and looks incredibly OFABULOUS in her 40's!  Don't you agree???  We do!   Thanks Dawn for being another beautiful OFAB client!
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A pretty cool lady too!