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Customized Anti-Aging Skincare
AM Custom Creme with SPF
(Details on Customize Page)
List price   $40    
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If you have any question concerning deliveries, products, or ingredients please don't hesitate to contact us. We will happy to help find the best solutions for you.  Thank you for your purchase!

Questions?  Email: info@ofab40.com
Custom Recovery Masque (Details on Customizing page) 
List price  $32.00  1 oz 
AM Custom Creme & SPF 

PM Custom Moisturizer - Decorative Jar
Custom Recovery Gel Masque
Orange AHA Exfoliating Cleanser
NEW - How about combining your cleansing with your exfoliating?  The basic cleanser is an AHA glycolic cleanser, then we add a high grade bamboo scrub.  Exfoliation is SO important to promote new cell growth....especially in the winter months.  I actually switch between the foaming milk cleanser and this one. I use the foaming milk in the AM, then to attack the free radicals in the evening, I use this AHA Exfoliating cleanser.  And of course, follow with my PM creme! 
               2 products in 1 - Introductory Offer $17
PM Custom Moisturizer,
 Decorator Jar  
 (See details on Customizing page)

List price   $50
Anti-Aging Cleansers
Custom Products
NEW Pineapple Foaming Milk Cleanser -  Our brand new, custom cleanser is OFABULOUS!  The smallest amount in the middle of your hand will foam into a wonderful, silky cleanser with lactic acid that naturally and safely exfoliates your skin.  It also contains Vitamins A & D, beta hydroxy acid and other milk proteins.  This is good for any skin type too!  The luscious pineapple scent will smell good enough to eat....but don't! lol  You'll see a tiny drop lathers up wonderfully, so it's a GREAT deal!    
 Introductory offer - $15   
Masking is SO important for healing and generating new, fresh skin cells. The masking action sends signals to the brain similar to suffocation, so the brain reacts by sending down healing agents to your face. Masking treats MANY conditions like shrinking pores and puffing thin wrinkles, but ours also restores, repairs and rejuvinates.  By customizing your mask, we can address your specific issues.
Ideally mask every week.  Directions: Cleanse, exfoliate, apply mask and leave on for approx 15 - 20 mins., rinse thoroughly and be sure to protect your skin with a moisturizer and SPF after masking.

Custom  Masque
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Details about customizing your products is on the Services page.
As soon as we receive your order from PayPal we will email to set up a call for customizing or you can request an email interview instead.  If you're not sure about anything, just ask.

Custom Creme/SPF
Yes guys, we haven't forgotten about you.  Let us know what skin issues you would like to improve and we'll make a custom moisturizer just for you.  Nice manly scents too!  $45

2 NEW "Manly" Scents:
(Yes, men customize too!)

Ambercrombie & Fitch - "Fierce"
Giorgio Armani - "Black Code"
Gift Certificate - $25 
Customized Moisturizers
Try some of our
 Scents of the Season!
When customizing, you can even choose your own scent from our list of oils!

 Choice of Scents

Almond Biscotti
Apple Orchard
Bourbon Butterscotch
Butter Cream
Cinnamon Caramel Crunch
Coconut Flakes
Lime Kiwi
Orange Dreamsicle
Pear or Bergamon Pear
Pumpkin Buttercream Dream
Sugar Cookie
Sugared Cranberry

2 NEW "Manly" Scents:
(Yes, men customize too!)

Ambercrombie & Fitch - "Fierce"
Giorgio Armani - "Black Code"